Welcome to the official website for Rock Your Boat Productions, often known as BoatsAreRockable!!!

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Upcoming Projects

The Grating of Mozzarella (Brickfilm)

A film which I think will prove to be very strange. This will possibly be a musical.

Project Red Hat (Brickfilm)

Production is currently on hold. I wish to make major changes to the script and there are a few key concepts I am still unsure about.

GCSE Compositions (Music)

These will be released as soon as I receive my GCSE results.

New Website

This website has just relaunched! Please excuse any issues and kindly report them by contacting us. We would also welcome suggestions on what else you'd like to see on here.

Release Schedule

The end of exams and the start of the summer holidays means that we expect to release a number of new videos and other things during July and August! We'll keep you posted for more information.